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Hello. I am an American, in Chiang Mai on a 1-year O-A retirement visa. The visa is about to expire. I remember that I was here years ago and manged to renew my O-A visa without much trouble - letter from a Thai bank, letter from U.S. consulate, medical clearance. This time I cannot even get started. At the consulate the Thai guy would not let me make an appt. to talk to embassy personel the websites on the paper he gave me are only for people wishing to go to the States. At Thai Immigration they did not have the T.M. something form on the counter, and no queue tickets left that day.
Does anyone know how I can get the forms I need online?
And how do disabled veterans get to the consulate - to acquire the letter from the U.S. govt to confirm b65,000 a month from VA disability?
Many thanks for any help.

Hello. I am an American ex-patriot in Chiang Mai, with a one-year O=A Non-Imm visa. Time is almost up and I need help renewing this visa. I recall that in 2010 I manged to get a renewal and it was not a big deal. I know i went to the U.S. consulate, made an appt., talked to a consulate worker. (Later I went back to the States). Now I cannot get the Thai security to let me make an appt. at the consulate and I cannot make an appt. online - the websites on the list that he gave me are only for a visa to go to the U.S. At the Thai Immigration there were no forms for the renewal for the O-A visa, and no queue tickets available at that time. I know the renewal requires a medical clearance and letter from Bangkok Bank - besides a letter from the U.S. consulate confirming that I receive over b65,000 a month, from my VA disability. Can someone help me here? Where can I get the T.M. form online to download and how can I make an appt. at the consulate??

The Chiang Mai Expat club has connections to all these civic clubs... they meet once a month in CM.. check their website....